In an effort to disinfect public spaces and prevent the further spread of COVD-19, health authorities around the world have tested out ways to deploy drones to disinfect areas more efficiently. With the Agras Drone you can ensure your school grounds and other outdoor areas are disinfected, safe and ready for use again rapidly.

Optimised Power,
Unrivaled Performance 

The Agras Drone was previously used for agriculture, but now these drones can be filled with disinfectant and operated to spray entire public areas such as parks, school grounds and other public spaces.The speed and area covered by the Agras T16 drone is unparalleled with 100,000m2 able to be disinfected within an hour.

More Efficient

16L spray tank

6.5m spray width
8 sprinklers | 4.8L/min spray rate

Easily swappable batteries and spray tank

Folding ratio 4:3
110×55 cm | easy to store | convenient for transportation

20 Minute Fast Charge
2,600W charger | charge up to 4 batteries simultaneously

Multi-Aircraft Control Mode
Control up to 5 drones simultaneously with 1 controller

More Reliable

Modular Design
Core module IP67 rating | conventient for maintenence and repair

Increased safety and reliability

FPC real-time monitoring
3,000m HD video transmission | ultra-bright spotlight

Powerful pump
corrosion resistant | 4.8L/min spray rate

Electromagnetic flow meter
Simple and reliable structure | 2% precision | 1000h service life

More Intelligent

DBF Imaging Radar
100º forward and backward horizontal FOV | 3D point cloud imaging | Optimal sensing day and night

Intelligently Circumnavigates Obstacles
Senses obstacles in real time | creates smooth flight paths

DJI intelligent solution
3D modeling | AI recognising | 3D flight planning | Digital platform

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