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Personalised BYOD Portals

TFE Solutions will help your school plan and implement a personalised BYOD (Chromebook) program to fit your needs. Students are born into an online world and it has become a big part of how they learn.

We believe that a BYOD or 1:1 program provides students with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of technology in a safe environment. This allows students to learn to use technology as an effective learning tool in which to engage with the curriculum.

When paired with an instructional plan, this program offers the ability for teachers to provide personalised learning experiences for students. This allows for the formation of an interactive classroom environment in which students and teachers can engage more actively though working collaboratively on projects.

And with each student having their own Chromebook, planned group work can be ready to go without time wasted handing out sheets.

What’s in the TFE BYOD Package:

  • Competitive pricing for Chromebooks
  • School purchasing portals for parents​​
  • On-site Configuration Service​
  • Customisable peripheries (warranty, cases, storage, licensing and labelling)

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