The Dahua Thermal Camera is a body temperature camera that provides the next level of security for your school, workplace or healthcare facility. This camera rapidly provides accurate body temperature readings to pre-screen individuals for fevers when entering your facility. Visual and audible signs are sent whenever an abnormal body temperature is detected.

Current screening methods like thermometers are slow, tedious and hard to implement across large numbers of students/workers. The Dahua Thermal camera allows for screening as quickly as they can walk past the reception desk, plus there is no need to touch individuals which is safer and more discreet.

Efficient, visible and real-time 

● Accurate temperature measurement
● Safe and effective
● Non-contact screening – no interruptions to class or work
● Multi-person measurement for efficiency
● Visual abnormal alert

Watch the video to see how it works 

Application Scenarios 


Thermal Camera
Temperature accuracy ±0.3º (with blackbody)

DSS Express/Pro
Unified TPC device management
Real-time temperature display
Rich alarm linkage for TPC events
Multiple clients login

NVR or IVSS alarm
TPC alarm event linkage
Statistical report and export
NVR: 4 channels mask detection and face recognition
IVSS: 8 channels mask detection and face recognition

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