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Get things done fast

Chromebooks are designed with ease of use in mind to ensure students get things done fast and simply.

Chromebooks have multiple layers of security, long lasting battery life and all your favourite Google apps for education pre-installed. They take less than 10 seconds to boot up and resume instantly from where you last left off. With automatic updates, your device will always have the latest software and security.


The Chrome OS operating system utilises a much smoother and quicker web-based interface than that of traditional operating systems.
Fast Chromebooks for Education


With multiple logins, Chromebooks are easily shared among classmates. Everyone gets their own apps and settings when they log-in, giving each student their own personalised learning experience.


Chromebooks provide a much more affordable option than many other devices in the industry thanks to its simple design.
Affordable Chromebooks for Education

Use your favourite Android Apps

You can now download and use Android apps on your Chromebook using the Google Play Store – perfect for those touchscreen Chromebooks! Connect over Skype, read a class book on the Kindle app, play Minecraft on the bus and so much more.

Chromebooks vs Windows PC’s


Lower total cost of ownership


Less time to


Less labour to


Hours addressing virus issues

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