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PC Locs Carrier 40 Cart


  • Basket portability offers a more flexible work flow
  • Truly universal as it is compatible with Chromebook, Tablet and iPad devices and more
  • New soft closing security system
  • Simultaneously charge up to 40 devices
  • Lock it down after a day of use
  • Chromebook Cart, Tablet Cart. Everything Cart.


  • Large Baskets by PC Locs – Includes eight 5-slot Carry Baskets giving users the flexibility to deploy Chromebook, Tablet or iPad devices with ease. The new larger baskets are lighter are designed to accommodate almost any device, with or without cases.
  • Safe, efficient and a future proofed power management system for charging 40 devices at once – How? ECO Safe Charge can handle the power requirements of almost any device by staging the availability of power to each bank of devices.
  • Easy cable management – The Carrier 40 Cart features side channels to keep cables in place and makes cabling simple. The included Velcro ties allow you to organise cables into groups of five to coordinate more efficiently with the included Baskets.
  • External charging status display – Quickly check if your devices are charging with the external display windows. ECO Safe Charge power management displays which bank of devices are charging as well as the charging mode that has been selected.
  • Large device storage area – Chromebook, Tablet and iPad devices can be accessed easier and by more users at once.
  • Are your devices too big for the Baskets? The Carrier 40 Cart features a three level adjusting storage shelf. This allows users to install the optional device storage racks into Cart’s storage area (which replaces the Baskets by PC Locs). The storage racks are designed to accommodate Laptops, Macbooks and other larger devices. Click here to view the template guide to measure your device to the device racks or contact us for details.
  • The top sliding lids double as work surfaces – The dual sliding lids allows the tops surface of the cart to be used as a work surface. Serving as an ideal space to place baskets, the surface can also easily keep a projector, printer or other items on top of the lid in space-strapped environments.
  • Highly secure – Features a two-point locking system to keep your valuable devices safe. The new padlockable sliding lids secures your devices whilst they’re not in use. Additionally, attach the heavy duty anchor kit to secure the whole Cart down.
  • Lifetime Warranty – PC Locs products are built to last.

The Carrier 40 Cart by PC Locs… It’s a truly universal tablet Cart that can store, charge, secure and transport up to 40 Chromebook, Tablet and iPad devices.1 Chromebook Cart, Tablet Cart, iPad Cart… Everything Cart.

Carrier 40 Cart – Chromebook Cart Specifications:
External Product Dimensions:
Length: 853 mm
Width: 670 mm
Height: 929 mm
Weight: 85.8 kg

Please note:
Maximum load of 25 kg per soft closing, sliding hood when extended.