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Bring Your Lessons To Life

Google Expeditions enables teachers to take students on virtual trips to 600+ past and present locations across the globe, taking your students to places a school bus can’t. Get up close with historical landmarks, dive underwater with sharks and even visit outer space!

Expeditions trips are collections of virtual reality photo spheres annotated with details, points of interest, and questions that make them easy to integrate into your current or future curriculum.

Over a million students
on trips to virtually anywhere

Dual Band Router

TFE Solutions Expeditions Kits come with a pre-configured high-speed Wireless Dual Band router to connect the Student Devices to the Teacher Tablet.

Both the router and devices are custom coded and configured with all the required settings, to get started, it’s as simple as plugging the router in and switch the devices on.

Student VR Device

Students are delivered an experience that comes to life with the display of the Student Devices packed with pixels for HD resolution, ensuring the best possible visual experience.

Each device comes pre-configured, has a long battery life and a super fast Adreno graphics processor. Just fire up the Google Expeditions app, and you’re ready to go!

Teacher Tablet Device

The students won’t be the only ones having fun. With each TFE Solutions Expeditions Kit comes a state of the art teacher tablet with a 10.1” Full HD screen.

The larger screen is perfect for teachers to guide their students through virtual field trips while keeping an eye on what the students are looking at.

Don’t just see the world, experience it


Guide your classroom of locally connected students from your phone or tablet.


Explore by putting a device into your TFE Solutions VR Headsets and allow a guide to lead the virtual reality experience.


Choose from a growing list of over 600 Expeditions – each one containing integrated descriptions, discussion points and questions.

TFE Solutions VR Headset

Step into the world of Virtual Reality
TFE Solutions VR Headsets provide a high-quality, immersive virtual reality (VR) experience. Simply place the Student VR Devices supplied in our Kits into the headset to get started.

Designed for comfort
Allow your students to fully immerse themselves with TFE Solutions’ lightweight, durable headset complete with soft padding and adjustable head straps suitable for all head sizes.

Focal and Pupil Distance Adjustment
Everyone’s vision is different, this feature allows each user to adjust settings to meet their individual needs.

TES Lesson Plans

100’s of location specific lesson plans, adding to your existing curriculum with exciting content

Year level specific, allowing you to match regions to learning level

Experience, utilise lesson plans for more apps including: InMind, AnatomYou, CardioVR, King Tut VR

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