Travel the world
Without leaving your classroom

Google Expeditions enables teachers to take students on hundreds of virtual field trips to past and present locations across the globe without ever leaving the classroom. Get up close to historical landmarks, dive beneath the ocean with sharks, and even visit outer space!

Google Expeditions
Charging Cart Upgrade

The TFE Solutions VR/AR Charging Cart is an easy and safe way to share Google Expeditions experiences between multiple classes, enabling teachers from different year levels to easily integrate Google Expeditions into their curriculum.

The Charging Cart features safe pull out drawers that can store 30x VR/AR headsets. Device charging cords are safely configured in the top of the Charging Cart, ensuring devices are always charged and prepared for the next class to use.

How Google Expeditions works


1. Guide your classroom of locally connected students from your phone or tablet.

Start your pre-configured and connected device, and slide it into the VR headset faceplate. Remember that no internet connection is required!


2. Explore by putting a device into your TFE Solutions VR Headsets and allow a guide to lead the virtual reality experience.

Select where you will next explore with Expeditions.


3. Choose from a growing list of over 600 Expeditions – each one containing integrated descriptions, discussion points and questions.

Join over a million students exploring locations all over the world, beneath the ocean, and even different periods of history!

TFE Solutions VR Headset

Step into the world of Virtual Reality
TFE Solutions VR Headsets provide a high-quality, immersive virtual reality (VR) experience. Simply place the Student VR Devices supplied in our Kits into the headset to get started.

Designed for comfort
Allow your students to fully immerse themselves with TFE Solutions’ lightweight, durable headset complete with soft padding and adjustable head straps suitable for all head sizes.

Focal and Pupil Distance Adjustment
Everyone’s vision is different, this feature allows each user to adjust settings to meet their individual needs.

Virtual reality and 360 videos

Virtual reality and 360 videos are new video formats that make students feel immersed inside a scene or setting. VR and 360 videos enable students to dive with sharks, explore the depths of space, relive historical battles, and even sit in the cockpit of fighter jets!

Video immersion creates a real sense of depth for students as they look around in a 360 field of vision. Students can enjoy thousands of immersive HD videos that are regularly updated by content producers including Youtube, Nat Geo, Discovery, Google, and many more.

Broaden your Horizons

Jump into immersive 360 videos curated by Nat Geo, Discovery, Google, and much more!

In Mind VR 2
Follow John on a virtual journey through the brain, the way it works, and what affects it’s changes.

And many more…

TES Lesson Plans

Find out how you can get more from your virtual reality experience by applying TES lesson modules to your curriculum and course material:

Digestive System


This is an overview of the digestive system and how our nutrients are digested! SWBAT: 1…



In this lesson, the students go on an expedition to The Natural History Museum and learn about organisms’…



Explore the pyramids and discover volume…

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