TFE Solutions will send a Virtual Reality Specialist onsite to capture your campus and present the visuals in 360 degree virtual reality. The Campus tour can be embedded into websites, online marketing content and even Google Maps!

Campus Aerial Drone Footage

From high up above, our drones can capture stunning clips and photographs of school and University campuses all over the country. This is a striking way to show off picturesque natural surroundings, architecture, and eye-catching features from an overhead perspective.

Each aerial campus tour video is uniquely edited and produced, and can be uploaded to YouTube or embedded in your own website.

3D Floor Maps of Campus

Put Your Campus on The Map.

Take your current and prospective parents on an in-depth virtual reality school tour, exploring floors and levels in complete 3D immersion. This is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate to future students what they can expect their learning experience to feel like, and get familiar with navigating rooms and hallways.

Annotated Hotspots

Annotated Hotspots – highlight the main features of each building or area.

VR Campus tours can be customised and created to be highly interactive. We can map and program key callouts around the campus, to communicate your school’s strongest features, unique offerings, and special needs.

Movement prompts enable users to fluidly navigate your campus and find further information, just like a personalised Google Expedition!

School VR Tours also include


Time Lapse Panorama

An engaging time lapse video of your campus that can be embedded for website usage. This is a refined way to present your campus to prospective visitors.

Voiceover of tours and Annotated Hotspots

Virtual tours can be voiced over to provide further information or guide the visitor’s experience through narration. Annotated hotspots can be used to provide further information on specific features.

Google Street View publication

Put your school on the map. Publishing your campus on Google Street View presents a large opportunity to increase visibility to millions of daily users.

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