The time has come to reimagine the classroom as we move from physical spaces to a digital one. VR Class Connect allows you to give students the best distance learning experience as you utilise the latest technology to create your own virtual classroom through RumiiVR. The best part is, this solution is plug & play so you can get started straight away.

By incorporating VR/ AR technology into your distance learning experience, students will remain engaged with their lessons, be able to collaborate virtually and be excited by the vast array of content to explore.

Your Virtual Classroom 

RumiiVR is an immersive VR learning environment that is multiplatform and works on desktop PCs, laptops and mobile devices. It provides life-like learning environments, custom avatars for increased presence, and includes audio and text chat, free movement in the VR space, and import of 3D models, images and videos. The best part is, it’s all plug & play!

Stay in control of your classroom, even when they’re learning from home

●You control the apps on student devices remotely as well as when devices are able to be used/not used
You can see what student devices are doing
You can view the name of devices by first and last name
You can push/launch apps to all devices remotely
● You can see whether device is charged/needs charging

Suitable for Teaching…

Health and PE

● Science
● Technologies
● Arts
● Languages

Compatible Applications

Jump into immersive 360 videos curated by Nat Geo, Discovery, Google, and much more!

In Mind VR 2
Follow John on a virtual journey through the brain, the way it works, and what affects it’s changes.

And many more…

What’s Included?

VR headsets – customised with student names, school logo
Student Devices – With laser engraving and plug & play learning
● Charging Cables
Delivery to student’s door or school address
● App Licensing

Are you a little anxious about making the transition to remote learning? We are here to support you

Phone based support Mon – Fri 7am – 5pm
Easy to read and simple how-to-guides
Weekly webinars to answer questions that have come up from the community
Parent FAQ sheets available upon request

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